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Lions Learn About UnXplained


Orville Murphy, owner of Board Camp Crystal Mine with his wife Cheryl, recently spoke to the Mena Lions Club of the phenomena happening on their property, which has sparked a TV segment, internet radio broadcasts, and investigators from around the country have traveled to see for themselves.

Murphy explained that since February, he, Cheryl, and her son, Josh, along with hundreds of visitors have experience a mirage of unexplained events that include lights, extraordinary amounts of magnetism, loss of gravity, and floating rocks. Murphy said they would love to hear a scientific explanation of what is happening, but of all the researchers that have tested the site, so far none have offered answers.

Researchers include MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, which is led by renowned scientists, including Chase Kloetzke, a former Bio-mechanical Engineer for the Department of Defense, as well as scientists from the University of Colorado, the University of Utah, individual scientists, former FBI forensic and video analysts, and even the Travel Channel’s team of Josh Gates and crew, who investigated for an episode of Expedition Unknown: The Hunt for Extraterrestrials, which aired in October 2017.

Cheryl Murphy said that they continue to see signs of phenomena, as do their visitors, which led them to launch their “UnXplained Tours”. For tour dates and times, visit their website, “We are meeting more and more people who have experienced something unexplained in their lives, which sets them on a path to find answers. People don’t say much for fear of ridicule, but we are now hosting monthly town hall style meetings at the mine at the Crystal Stage, free of charge and open to the public, for anyone who has an experience to share or just interested. No hecklers allowed as we just want to open up a non-biased, equal platform, upon which we can have a public discussion on the phenomena and share our information openly to hopefully find answers. This is why we have gone public with our own experience and we invite others to share.”

The Murphys invite those interested to the Board Camp Crystal Mine the second Sunday of each month from 2-5 pm. “Bring your own chair and bottled water and let’s pool our stories, theories and ideas. It is public knowledge that our area of the state is hyperactive with phenomena and has been for over 100 years. It’s time to get it out in the open,” said Cheryl, referring to data collected by researchers of reports of UFO’s in the area, or even Big Foot, ghosts, and other phenomenon.

“Let’s set aside our fears and prejudices, and learn and grow from this,” said Cheryl as she reiterates that open minds and answers are what they seek. “We continue to be amazed, yet we believe God has allowed this for a reason. We trust that good is going to come from this.”

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  1. I’m originally from mena and saw this article after the show was taped and knew it would be televised in Oct but never found it to watch. Will it be shown again and what network was it on. I now live in ks.

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