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Little Aurora Needs Your Help

It’s not always the guy with muscles you see on TV or the star football player that has real strength. Some people have a strength you can only see when you come to understand their situation in life. Neva Pitman and her daughter Aurora have that strength.   Aurora is a six year old local child that is in hospice care, and she is going through a fight that most of us will never endure. Aurora has Cerebral Palsy (CP), a condition that has no cure, and that is but one of 16 different conditions she has that began when she had a stroke while still in the womb. CP is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to balance themselves, their posture and to move. According to the Centers for Disease Control, CP can cause stiff muscles, and uncontrollable movements. With the many conditions young Aurora fights she obviously has many doctors and many visits to see them. Neva told The Pulse she travels twice a week to Fort Smith for Aurora to have therapy and in Little Rock Aurora has 14 doctors. These visits add up and this family needs your help. The Polk County Pulse and 104.1 KENA ask you to help with travel, care and expenses. To bring even more attention to the plight of this family, on Wednesday the 30th on 104.1 KENA we will ask you to give what you can to help. Checks can be dropped off at Union Bank of Mena for the “Aurora Pitman Benefit Fund”. Being that Aurora is a child we ask that checks be made out to her mother, Neva Pitman or hospice nurse Ashley Sharp. On November 6th at 5:30 in the Acorn Gymnasium Aurora will join the Acorn Cheerleaders at the games against Caddo Hills during a half time show. There will be #Team Aurora t-shirts for sale and orders will be taken for cinnamon rolls. All proceeds go to benefit Aurora and her medical expenses. Elite Hospice and Mena Church of God are sponsoring the event. We invite everyone out to see this remarkable little girl and help support her.

Please do what you can to help.   

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