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Local Family Safe Following Nighttime Fire


Bill and Sherry McCourtney of the Cherry Hill community suffered the complete loss of their home following a fire in the early hours of Friday morning, December 15, 2017. Bill McCourtney is a doctor in the Mena area and Sherry serves as a nurse at a local hospice agency.

The couple has six children still living in the home including 17-year old daughter, Blake; son, Dalton, 14; daughter, Harlei, 12; son, Nick, 12; daughter, Raegan, 11; and daughter, Kolbi, 11. The family was sleeping when the fire began and awoke at 3 a.m. Cherry Hill Fire Department responded but the house was too engulfed to save. The family was able to escape safely, however, the home and all contents were lost.

There has been a benefit account set up at Union Bank for the McCourtney family for anyone wishing to assist them.


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