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Local Racecar Driver Raises Awareness for Cancer

Jamie White, owner of E&W Marine on Hwy 8 East is raising awareness for cancer. White , a long time race car driver wants to make more people aware of the effects of cancer and the people that it affects. “When I had built my car for this year I knew that I wanted it to be a cancer awareness car. There are so many people that suffer with cancer and I wanted people to see my car and then ask themselves what they could do to help.” White has experienced firsthand the effects of cancer in the lives of people he loves. “My dad has been fighting against cancer for twenty years, his wife has cancer, and then my uncle has it.” Another way that White is joining the fight against cancer is by supporting those that are fighting to make a difference.

Clarice’s Room of Hope is a local non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is working alongside cancer patients and their families to provide hope and comfort through their battle. It was founded by Teena Brown. Clarice’s provides several services for cancer patients including consultation to find a wig, scarf, or turban for women going through cancer. His car proudly display’s the logo for Clarice’s and this year, White has pledged all of his winnings from his races to Teena to support the work she is doing. Jamie started his racing season a couple of weeks ago and will continue through the end of October. “Racing is a passion of mine, I have loved it since I was a kid. Why not mix my passion with a real need in our community? There are a lot of people in this area that suffer through cancer and if I can help Teena help them, it is totally worth it.” Last weekend, Jamie finished in 3rd place and as promised, his winnings were given to Clarice’s.

When the weather permits, White will park his racecar outside of Clarice’s Room of Hope to show his support. “My hope is that people will see the car, it will catch their attention, and they will get out to check it out. When they do, hopefully they will go in and ask Teena what Clarice’s is all about.” Clarice’s is supported and operates through the generous donations of time and resources of those in the community. Founder and operator of Clarice’s, Teena Brown, says, “I am so thankful for the support we receive from the community and people like Jamie. Without the community’s support we can’t provide this great service.” For more information about Clarice’s or how you can help support the fight against cancer in Polk County, call Teena at 479-385-5071, or visit the website at

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