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Tuesday, July 10th, councilmen of the Mena City Council approved an ordinance authorizing the issuance and sale of water and sewer refunding and construction revenue bonds.

According to the general manager of the Mena Water Utilities, Charles Pitman, the council re-financed the water and sewer bonds to save the city about $60,000 a year but they also borrowed an additional $500,000 to paint the city’s largest water tank.

Pitman stated the water utility has been planning to paint the water tank for several years, but funding has not been available. He said the state health department requires municipal water tanks be painted every so many years.

According to the office of Mayor George McKee, the city is re-financing about $3.9 million dollars and borrowing an additional $500,000.

Councilmen also voted to reject the bids for the police department’s computers for their patrol vehicles.

Police Chief Brandon Martin informed the Pulse that the bids were too high according to the Arkansas State Police and the city council. He stated his department would seek new bids.

Martin explained the department was purchasing mobile computer systems to support the E-Crash and E-Ticket systems that officers would be using.

The police department has received a grant from the Arkansas State Police to help purchase the computers.

The E-Ticket and E-Crash programs are a faster and more effective way for officers to generate citations and accident reports.

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