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Mena Manor To Cease Operations In September

(MENA) The Mena Manor announced on Tuesday that they will be suspending their participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and that they will be ceasing operation no later than September 9th of this year.

It is anticipated that they will be constructing a new building on a different property site within the city, this according to Janette Bernard, Administrator for the facility.

That site could possibly be along ten acres of property on Industrial Park Road. In March 2017, Regional Care of Mena purchased two – five acre tracts of property for $700,000 from United Built Homes.

The current facility located at 100 9th Street has been around for nearly sixty years. No word on what will become of the existing facility.

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  1. Really glad a new facility is being put in..but it’s very sad that these people or residents n employees have find new homes in the process…I’ve done some dealing with elderly and change is very hard for em…

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