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Mena Water Announces Annual Flushing Program


Mena Water Utilities will conduct their bi-annual water main flushing program October 9th through 13th. Flushing of the lines is done as a part of a scheduled preventative maintenance program to help maintain good water quality and to improve water flow in the water distribution system.

Mena Water has scheduled the lines on the south side of Highway 71, including Nunley and Board Camp areas, for flushing on Monday, October 9th, and Tuesday, October 10th. On Wednesday, October 11th and Thursday, October 12th, the lines on the north side of Highway 71 are scheduled to be flushed.

As Mena Water flushes your area, you may experience a temporary reduction in water pressure, some color or sand in your water, or a slight change in odor or taste. These conditions are normal and temporary during flushing activities. If you should experience any of these changes, or if you see some cloudiness or rust color in your water, Mena Water recommends that you refrain from washing light colored laundry; likewise, they recommend that you flush the pipes of your home or business. Flushing your home or business’s pipes can be accomplished by opening your front outside hose bib until it runs clear and has no noticeable taste or odor.

Mena Water regrets any inconvenience the flushing may cause. If you have questions or if you experience any persistent water quality problems as a result of the maintenance program, call Mena Water Utilities at 479-394-2769.

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