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Mena’s first National Down Syndrome Day walk takes a big step

By Ethan Nahté

World Down Syndrome Day is designated as March 21 each year, a day to come together to celebrate Down syndrome and raise awareness according to the National Down syndrome Society (NDSS). 

Typically, the nucleus of each cell in our genetic make-up is 23 pairs of chromosomes, half of which are inherited from each parent. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. According to the CDC, approximately one in every 772 babies in the United Sates is born with Down syndrome, making it the most common chromosomal condition. Approximately 5,100 babies with Down syndrome are born in the U.S. each year. The cause of the condition is still unknown.

This year, Mena saw what was, perhaps, their first organized walk for World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) on March 21 (3-21), signifying the fact that people with Down syndrome are born with three copies of chromosome 21. WDSD was promulgated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011 and is celebrated in over 190 countries.

The organizers of the event that became known as Walk for National Down Syndrome Day were Mandy Rowe and Shanda Craig. Rowe is an Arvest Bank mortgage sales assistant. Craig is the student support coordinator/district family and engagement coordinator for Mena Public Schools. 

Both women are parents to a child with Down syndrome. Mandy’s son Truitt and Shanda’s son Bear were the inspiration for what began as something much smaller for the two families’ first WDSD event.

Craig said, “It started out as just a family thing and then Karen Parnell, Mena Middle School self-contained teacher, spurred the idea of hosting a walk to help raise funds for adaptive playground equipment.”

Both the Louise Durham Elementary (LDE) and Holly Harshman Elementary (HHE) schools were without any such equipment. The adaptive equipment could be utilized for children with a variety of special needs and not solely for those with Down syndrome. 

Rowe said, “Our children have been the driving force for us to organize the walk. Truitt has been a blessing since the moment he entered our lives. Down Syndrome is just a diagnosis and does not define who our kiddos are. Every child needs support from their family in their own ways and Truitt and Bear need just a little extra.

“Now is the time for us, as parents of children with disabilities, to stand up and support them in any way possible. Our goal is to give them every advantage in life that we can, ranging from therapy to playground equipment. The walk is just one small piece of making that possible.”

“Initially, as stated, my family and I were just going to walk for the day to celebrate Bear,” Craig said, “and Down syndrome and all of its wonder. After visiting with Karen and learning that there was a need at each campus, the idea morphed into a community wide event to help all children.”

Mena Superintendent Lee Smith said, “Anytime we have the opportunity to address to diversity in the students, we try to meet that need. We are seeing a growing population with severe needs and we want to meet those as much as we can.”

Craig said, “As we push for inclusion across the state, this will continue to create that atmosphere. Every student has a chance to play on the playground. Every student will have something that they can do outside regardless of their mobility.” 

Smith also pointed out that the Craig and Rowe got the ball rolling. Even Craig had seemingly not contemplated the need for such equipment.

“This wasn’t a school planned function,” Craig said. “This event was organized by parents rather than the school. As a parent, I honestly never thought about adaptive playground equipment and it being a necessity!”

Craig had not been personally approached by other parents or students with disabilities wishing they could be able to get out on the playground similar to other children. “But you can see the needs that students have. I think the wheelchair-accessible swing will be huge to have at each campus.”

The event sign-up fee was $21, with the proceeds to go to each school. The weather was predicted to be overcast and cool for the second day of spring, but not miserable. Yet, miserable was what they got with a light breeze cutting through the mist and the temperature sitting right at 40º for the planned 3-mile walk on March 21 (3-21) at 9 a.m., starting at The Crossing, and extending considerably past Janssen Park.

Craig said, “We had over 70 people show up in the cold and rain to walk. That was very heartwarming.”

A single-seat swing frame without the swing platform is over $1,400. Craig and Rowe’s initial goal was to raise $5,000. The entry fee of the 70 participants would raise enough for the platform. Thanks to other donations, the walk not only topped the basic amount, but also their initial goal, surprising the women. They nearly doubled it, raising $9,144.

“We could not believe how much our community would stand with us in support of this goal and have been blown away with their generosity.” Rowe said.

Craig said, “It went really well! The outpouring of support and love has been amazing to see. Our community truly is the best. Every child matters — every person matters in our community and that has definitely been proven!  

The MSRP for the ADA Combination Swing, made by SportsPlay Equipment, is $4,009, but $3,368 through AAA State of Play. It comes with two swings on one structure, usable by ages 2-12 and adults. In the version the Mena campuses will be receiving, there is a wheelchair swing and an adaptive swing. 

“We will purchase one for each campus,” Craig said.

The current swing set at Holly Harshman Elementary School

Hopefully, there won’t be supply chain issues as there has been with many items post-COVID-19. Craig is hoping that the equipment will be delivered by the end of the 2022-2023 school year but feels confident it will arrive in time for the 2023-2024 season.

Smith said, “I’m really proud [they] took the initiative to do that. Anytime that we can bring in more revenue than expected and put it to good use, that is a win-win. That’s good for the students and the attitude of the teachers. It’s a good feeling.”

As for March 21, 2024, Craig isn’t sure what their goals may be, but she has hope. “I would love for this to be a yearly thing. There is always more equipment that could be purchased.”

For more information on the National Down Syndrome Society, visit For more information on AAA State of Play, which carries a large variety of playground equipment, visit

In other school safety improvement news, during the March 27 school board meeting, Dr. Smith added that the district had received a safety grant that would pay for the installation of a new higher fence at LDE, a one key lock system at HHE, and door alarms across the district as well as signage for security.

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