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MRHS converts to a Critical Access Hospital

By Michael Wood, CEO, MRHS

Mena Regional Health System is excited to announce its intent to convert from a PPS (Prospective Payment System) hospital to a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). This strategic move underscores our commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility, improving patient outcomes, and reinforcing our dedication to serving the community.

The transition to Critical Access Hospital status brings several advantages, including increased flexibility in healthcare delivery, improved financial stability, and a focus on providing high-quality, personalized care. As a CAH, Mena Regional Health System will continue to uphold the highest standards of patient safety and satisfaction while adapting to the evolving needs of our community. Conversion to CAH status will allow us to continue to offer all of our current service lines and add Swing Bed Services to enhance our ability to take care of our community members who require extended hospitalization before returning home.

This transformation aligns with our mission to put patients first by ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care in a dynamic and ever-changing healthcare landscape. The transition to Critical Access Hospital status positions us to respond effectively to the unique challenges facing rural healthcare, fostering a more resilient and patient-centric healthcare environment.

Key benefits of our transition to a Critical Access Hospital include:
1. Enhanced Patient Care: The CAH model allows us to focus on personalized care, tailored to the specific needs of our community.
2. Financial Stability: This conversion provides financial advantages that will contribute to the long-term sustainability of Mena Regional Health System, ensuring continued access to essential healthcare services.
3. Community Collaboration: We remain dedicated to collaborating with local partners, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders to address healthcare needs.
4. Adaptability: As a Critical Access Hospital, we gain flexibility in adapting our services to address emerging healthcare challenges and technological advancements.

We anticipate that this transition will take place over the next 4-6 months. This extended transition period will allow for us to continue to provide uninterrupted service through all of our current service lines. It will also ensure that we are fully prepared to serve you under the CAH umbrella once the conversion is completed.

We are excited about the positive impact this transition will have on our ability to serve our community effectively. Mena Regional Health System remains committed to delivering compassionate, high-quality healthcare services, and we look forward to the continued support of our community during this transformative journey.

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