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New Classes at the County Fair


As the county fair approaches, we wanted to let you know about some new classes this year that you may not have thought about.  There’s still time to get entries finished, but only a few weeks.  Entry dates are August 29 and 30 for the Education Building.  See the fair catalog for complete entry information.

With so many people trying to eat gluten-free, we added a separate gluten-free class in the cake, cookie, yeast bread, quick bread, and pie sections of the Baked Goods and Candies Department.

A class for accessories such as cosmetic bags, purses, etc. has been added to the Sewing department.  Another item that some people sew is “adult bibs”.  These are bibs for people to use that may have trouble keeping food off their clothes as they eat.  That would include me!  Also, tote bags that are not quilted would be entered in this department.

Adult coloring pages is a new interest for many.  These are usually done with colored pencils, but crayons or markers can also be used.  A class for these was added in the craft departments.

Local interest in yarn and spinning led us to add three new classes – homespun yarn and both hand and loom weaving.

Lotions and Potions is a new class in Household Arts & Crafts that included scrubs, soap, lotions, lip balm, etc.

The last couple of years has seen some interesting entries in Arts and Crafts for juniors and youth.  One of these was models made with Legos, so we added a class for them.  Most children have some Legos, so let’s see how many entries we can have this year!

In the Quilt department, we separated machine appliqued quilts into two classes – either hand or machine quilted.  And, there is also a class for quilted totes, bags, and purses.

We would like to encourage everyone to enter several entries in the fair this year.  The more entries we have, the more points the fair board gets and that turns into more premium money.  Support your local county fair with entries and attendance.  It’s fun!

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Here’s a link to this year’s online Fair Catalog:

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