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New shop offering crystal singing bowl meditation experience

Article and photo by Ethan Nahté

Kelsey Mullins and James Dye are the owners of Hand Crafted Holistic Gift Shop. They took over the location at 711 Mena St. that was Pickled Pisces at the beginning of August. They moved to the Mena area from Phoenix, Arizona. The shop is something a bit new for them, but having their own business isn’t.

“We were both licensed massage therapists,” Mullins said. “But I’ve been a stay-at-home mom the past few years, but we took this on because I wanted to help contribute to my family’s financial situation.

For those customers who enjoyed Pickled Pisces, and Moonies before that, Hand Crafted has similarities and some new options.

“We feature over 12 local artists that make things from candles to teas, jewelry and paintings,” Mullins said. “We like to support local artist with our storefront and in the back, we offer massage therapy services. I specialize in cranial-sacral therapy, and he specializes in injury rehabilitation. It’s a holistic shop in that we’re helping people care for their minds, bodies and spirits.”


Crystal singing bowl meditation
Something new at their shop and is gaining popularity online in several places across the nation, is crystal singing bowl meditation. Hand Crafted will be offering their first session, led by Monica Myers, on Saturday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. The session is voluntary donation based. It coincides with the Hunter full moon.

Mullins suspects the event will last about an hour. They will have seating areas, but she suggests for people to bring a blanket, pillow or whatever makes them comfortable… a yoga mat, perhaps because being right next to the bowls will not be necessary to hear them.

“The different vibrations can help clear chakras and emotional blockages. They can help promote peace. It’s a whole-body experience. Your ears hear it, but you feel it through your whole body.”

She demonstrates, taking a bowl attuned to D 289 Hz, which is slightly less than the frequency of middle D (D4), which the frequency is 293.665 Hz in an equal-tempered scale. Mullins rubs the mallet around the outer edge of the bowl in a circular motion. The sound begins at a low volume and grows as she calmly maintains a constant rhythm. Her description is accurate as the volume increases and the vibration of the sound waves can be felt coming off the large bowl and being absorbed by the body.

“I’ve only got to experience it a couple of times, but I thought it was pretty cool. I was amazed at literally feeling the vibrations through my body,” Mullins said. “Like, even into my bones. I thought it was just a hearing experience. I didn’t realize it was really a whole-body physical thing. I didn’t realize how loud the bowls got, either. I think you can sit anywhere in the store and hear it. It really sounds cool when she plays the different bowls together.”

At the moment, there are two other bowls in the store. One is attuned to B 497. Again, it’s the middle B (B4), which is 493.88 Hz. When perfectly tuned. The third bowl is a middle F (F4) at 344 Hz, which perfect frequency is 349.23 Hz.

The bowls are made of quartz and are pricey, easily ranging from $200-$300 for a single 8-inch bowl to $1,800-$2,200 or more forests ranging in size and numbering five to eight bowls.

Mullins would prefer people visit their Facebook page and RSVP to give her a general idea how many people to expect. Search for Hand Crafted – Holistic Gift Shop + Wellness Center. Click on the “More” and select “Events” where you will find the Singing Bowl Sound Bath Meditation.

The event occurs after Hand Crafted’s regular store hours, which are Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As for the crystal bowls, the experience sounds interesting; the bowls sound interesting

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