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OLT Names New President

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The OLT board, at their October meeting, accepted Tim Hesse’s resignation from the board and presidency. Tim indicated that the reasons for resigning from the board involved personal issues, but he expressed his desire to continue as an active member. In fact, he just finished a run in Bell, Book and Candle and is presently in rehearsal in Mike Martin’s production of Little Women. Upon accepting the resignation, the board voted to have Rudi Timmerman fill out Tim’s term as president.

Rudi held the office of vice president prior to the former president’s resignation. Having been president in the early 90’s during the reconstruction of the theater after the 1993 tornado he should be familiar with the operation of the theatre. Furthermore, over the years Rudi has been active as both a director and actor. Many will remember his collaboration with music director Judy Kropp in the presentation of shows like: Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, Oliver, and many more.

As he presided over his first meeting as the current president, Timmerman listed some of the goals he will be striving to achieve. On the performance front, it will be the goal to provide the best possible theatre experience for the Mena/Polk County area. This is to be achieved by being inclusive and promoting participation by any and all members of the community. “There is a lot of talent in our area and it will be our goal to incorporate as many folks as are willing to be in our shows. After all, it is a “community” theatre,” said Timmerman.

Regarding aspects of the physical appearance and utility of the theatre, much needs to be done. Recent improvements such as the enclosure of the back porch area and the construction of a storage building have helped meet some of the goals of providing a pleasant physical environment for both the public and performers. However, much more needs to be done to present a fresh neat appearance. One of the first goals is to give the theatre a thorough cleaning removing all unnecessary clutter. We will be working towards making our office suite look more professional so that it can be a place to buy tickets, rent costumes, or do any of the official theatre business required to keep it running smoothly.

Ouachita Little Theater is a real asset to the community. President Timmerman and the Board of Directors will do everything possible to keep up its high standards and build on past accomplishments to make the theatre even better both in appearance and programming. More information can be found on the OLT web site, OLTMENA.COM.

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