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ORSD Continues Renovations

(ACORN)  The Ouachita River School District will be facing some minor growing pains as construction crews begin another phase of planned future growth on the Acorn campus.

Once renovations are completed at The Mary Davis Gym. by the contractor, Petry Construction, the district will turn its attention onto the high school entrance area between the gymnasium and the school entrance.

The contractors will construct a walkway between the two buildings that will provide two key factors, safety and functionality.

With the parking lot in the back of the gymnasium being moved to the East wing of the gymnasium, for student parking. This will give a safer approach for students and staff walking between  the two buildings.

The main high school will see a more aestethically-pleasing main entrance to the school.

Several classrooms and other staff offices will start transitioning to their new areas as soon as this week.

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