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By Steven E Stillwell

 I NEED TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE. First of all, I’d like to thank all of our subscribers and everyone who follows this column. I couldn’t ask for a better reading and listening audience. Without you, none of this would be possible. I really appreciate the wonderful staff at the Polk County Pulse, all of the technical support they provide, and their unwavering dedication to serving our wonderful community. In my humble opinion, they’re doing a great job, because they love their work. 

THIS OUTDOOR PAGE IS DEDICATED TO YOU! In review of our unique demographics, Polk County has been long overdue for an outdoor page, and I’m honored that I was asked to undertake this task. When it comes to hunting, hiking, fishing, trapping and camping, this area is hard to beat. The native Americans knew what they were talking about when they used the phrase OUACHITA, which is defined as; GOOD HUNTING AND FISHING. 

WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. I’d like to address a typo that I made in last week’s column. I accidentally used the word Hyperthermia, instead of Hypothermia. My apologies, the phone must have been ringing while I was writing that sentence, because I know the difference, and I’m sure that some of you caught this mistake too. Hyperthermia is defined as; an elevated body temperature caused by dehydration and prolonged exposure to extremely hot climates. A HEATSTROKE IS USUALLY THE END RESULT. Hypothermia is a precursor to freezing to death. My primary objective is the dissemination of accurate and pertinent information, so please bear with me if I occasionally drop the ball, it’s never intentional.   

THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGING WORDS. I’ve been receiving some incredible feedback about our new podcast program, THE OUACHITA BUSHCRAFT AND SURVIVAL SHOW. Last weekend, I spent several hours on the telephone talking to people from all over the United States who were interested in being our guests. Tom Orr, from the television program MOUNTAIN MEN, Ryan Eacret, who appeared on two episodes of NAKED AND AFRAID, and Mike Lowe from the History channel’s ALONE series, were just a few of the exciting individuals I’ve been scheduling for our future lineups! I also had the privilege to speak with two of our local talents’ from Polk County, Eddie Price and Stacy Castor who expressed their interests in sharing their knowledge and experiences with our listening audience. All I can say is, “I’m excited.” 

LET’S TALK ABOUT MILITARY SURVIVAL SCHOOLS. When I spoke with Lowe, he mentioned that he was a survival instructor in the Air Force. Some might wonder; why would this branch of the service need to learn survival skills? Unknowingly, most people usually associate this type of training with The Army Special Forces Green Berets, or The Navy Seals. Let’s delve deeper, I want you to think about this for a minute; a downed pilot who falls into enemy hands, is a cherished prize. Military aviators are privy to top-secret, classified information, and all of them are commissioned officers. It’s imperative that they avoid capture at all costs, and survival skills, especially escape and evasion tactics are vital to saving their lives, and maintaining our National Security. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to chat with a RECONNAISSANCE SPY PILOT, and he had some hair-raising tales about South East Asia. It’s an historical fact that many of our military flyers are tortured or killed while being interrogated. The Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam is a grim reminder.      

SO, WHAT’S MY SURVIVAL TIP FOR THE WEEK? Safety is one of the most important things we can exercise when we’re spending time in the wilderness! Let me emphasize something; I consider safety to be, A CRITICAL SURVIVAL SKILL, and common sense follows close behind. Please allow me to use some Arkansas vernacular; IF YOU AIN’T CAREFUL, YOU’LL HURT YOURSELF. I can say these things, because my Mama’s side is from Arkansas! If you’re using a knife, or another sharp implement, take your time and ask yourself; where’s that blade going to go when you follow-through with your cut? If you’ll THINK BEFORE YOU ACT, you’ll minimize the chances of personal injuries.  

I’d like to invite everyone to join our Facebook page, OUACHITA BUSHCRAFT AND SURVIVAL. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! 

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