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Polk County Prayer Request Debuted on 1450 AM ‘The Good News Radio’

By Linda Lee Denton

(MENA)  A unique radio program made its debut Sunday, August 4th.  The program is aimed at ministering to the local, listening community and aired on KENA-AM 1450 “Good News Radio”.

The Polk County Prayer Request came to fruition after noticing the need for a program to offer prayer on the radio.  Each Sunday now, prayer requests gathered throughout the week are broadcasted to our local area reaching communities, spanning just outside of our county line with over 1,500 listeners.

On numerous occasions people have come in to The Polk County Pulse office looking for help.  Their needs range from assistance to families without income, expecting mothers with no healthcare or housing plans, to individuals who want to reach out to the community for help, specifically prayer.  This is the basis that led to the Polk County Prayer Request formation.  Specifically, one Friday afternoon, a lady came in concerned about her friend who had been life-flighted out for emergency care.  She wished to have a prayer placed on air, live and immediately.  Policies and scheduling aside, this was not plausible.

As an employee of The Pulse, I recognized the need then for prayer and begin forming the basis of this program.  The Polk County Prayer Request is privately funded and originates from the desire to share this powerful part of my Christian’s walk.  Prayer is NEVER the least one can do but one of the most important actions Christians can offer.  On a personal note, I haven’t always been a participant in public prayer. That is changing.  In my opinion, people are seeing prayer in the public less and less.  Some people haven’t ever heard prayer or feel they know ‘how to pray’.   While there is no right or wrong way, prayer is an important part of our Christian walk.

This defining moment came when a friend asked me to sign up for a prayer time.  She was attending a youth camp as a worker and had prayer warriors sign up for hour sessions to cover her time ministering to the youth.  I signed.  I had never prayed for an hour; didn’t know if I could or what I would be doing that day when the time came.  As life had it, my family was traveling to Corpus Christi, TX that day.  I moved to the back seat and bowed my head.  My prayer was standard at first, almost rehearsed- the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  I looked at my watch, ten minutes had elapsed; I started back.  After checking my watch a couple more times in 5 minute intervals (which seemed long), my prayer changed.  It was no longer just my needs, the thoughts that were on my mind, the ideas I felt needed to be covered (like a grocery list I was checking off), the prayer flowed and was powerful.  Personally, the Holy Spirit led me to and through that prayer.  I succeeded the time assigned.  In faith, I knew she received the blessings as did the children who were there at that camp.

These instances led me to put together a program where people could have their praises, petitions, request, and thanksgivings brought to our heavenly father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  People need to hear prayer.  We all need prayer.  Together with assistance of local pastors, the Polk County Prayer Request was formed.  The program received another blessing as two businesses have also chosen to show support for the program.

To learn  more about Polk County Prayer Request check out the Facebook page /PolkCountyPrayerRequest.  ‘Like’ the page to follow future post, scriptures, schedules, and that week’s participating pastor.  Message your prayer request through this page or email your request to  Request are taken daily and shared with the pastor prior to his recording of each week’s program.  The Polk County Prayer Request airs each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and again at 4:30 p.m. on 1450 AM ‘The Good News Radio’.  You are encouraged to tune in and pray with us each week.

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