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Interstate Highway Traffic Jam

Polk County Road Department Eclipse Plans

Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison announced the eclipse plans for the Polk County Road Department on Monday, April 8. The county will have crews located at various locations of three main highways to assist motorists in the event of traffic congestion. There will be crew members with Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) Radios to assist in communicating with crew teams.

The crews will be equipped with gasoline, water, compressed air, tow chains or tow straps, and county maps. Crews will be wearing orange vests and are authorized to assist law enforcement, motorists and to generally keep traffic moving.

There will be seven 2-man crew deployed with others centrally located at the Mena barn. This will be in addition to the first aid stations that Southwest EMS will have located at locations around Polk County. The first aid stations can be found on page 15 of the April 3rd edition of The Polk County Pulse.

The south road crew locations are all located on Highway 71 between Cove and Grannis at the intersections of

  • Polk Road 1
  • Polk Road 18 at the south end
  • Polk Road 20.

If motorists are in need of assistance that does not require dialing 9-1-1, they can call Carl Gibbons at 479-243-7528.

The north crew locations will be at

  • Polk Road 37 near the CMA East Campground
  • Highway 370 at Highway 8E, Bill’s Place – near Board Camp
  • Highway 88 at Martin’s Grocery
  • Polk Road 109 at Highway 71 in Acorn

Motorists can call Jeff Howard at 479-216-6101

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