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Price Named as New Grannis Police Chief


The City of Grannis has a new Police Chief as of mid-July. Eddie Price, longtime law enforcement officer, began his new position on July 18, 2017, and is excited and honored to lead the force that protects and serves the citizens in his area. “We can serve and protect, but we can serve in many other ways other than making sure someone doesn’t break into your car,” said Chief Price, who is keen on being involved in community organizations.

Price started his career in law enforcement working in the jail under then Sheriff, Mike Oglesby. In 1999, he began working in the Grannis Police Department, working there until 2001. “During that time I got certified through the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy,” Price explained. Graduating the academy in January 2001, Oglesby hired him as a Polk County Deputy in July of that same year and continued there until October 2012. During his tenure as a deputy, he also served as a school resource officer and a K-9 narcotics dog handler.

“I like to just be there and help the citizens. I try to be a positive role model for the kids and build relationships with them.” Rebuilding rapport with the next generation is a topic close to his heart. As a school resource officer, Price said, “It was good to have that working rapport and talk with kids and build relationships.” He said many times kids are afraid of law enforcement and he wants to combat that persona. “If we can’t communicate with kids, we can’t impact one.”

Also, Price worked closely with the drug task force in previous years and wants to help combat the drug and theft that goes on in the county. “If we can keep those things off of the streets and show the kids how bad it is for you and where it takes your life, we’ve done something.”

He fondly remembers one schoolgirl who was very afraid of police because of frequent visits they made to her home. Price smiled and proudly said that not only did she warm up to him as the school resource officer, she is now married to a police officer. It is that type of impact that Price wants to make on any child he comes into contact with. “If you can save one out of a hundred, you have done something. It’s like anything else, there is so much stuff going on out there, just focus on saving one at a time.”

Being a part of community organizations is another key to his success as an officer and a citizen of the community. Price is the president of the Polk County Archery Team. He is married to Tracey and they have three boys and a girl between the pair.

As Grannis is an independent municipality, Price and his three full-time, and five part-time officers, patrol from just near the south county line, north through Wickes. If you need to reach Chief Price or his staff, give them a call at Grannis City Hall, 870-385-7216 or 870-385-7852.

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