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Sociable Seniors to Celebrate 10 Years


The Polk County Sociable Seniors are celebrating their 10th anniversary as an organization this month and are excited to share what the last decade has brought to each of them at their upcoming luncheon. Each month, the group of more than two dozen, meet up at a local eatery and just have lunch and talk, laugh, tell stories, and have an all-out good time. For one couple, they have a particularly special story. One that was just a happen-chance beginning, but that has lasted for six years, so far.

Bill Ballard and Anne Dahm say without the Sociable Seniors, they may have never met, but are certainly glad they did. Anne had been attending the luncheons since they began, but Bill had only been to a few. Anne explains, “We had both been at meetings before and I walked in a little late and looked around for a chair and Bill said, ‘well, sit here.’” What was his pick-up line? “Give me your vitals,” he laughed.

“We got close,” said Bill. Anne said, “He called a few days later and said there was something at the gallery and he said, ‘why don’t we go to the gallery, I will meet you there’ and I said that’s wonderful. We hung up, he called right back and said, ‘why don’t we have lunch first’ and we’ve been together ever since.”

Although Bill and Anne found love, some find good friends and enjoy the laughter, the fellowship, and the jokes and antics of the group’s founders, Ken and Diane Mathis. “Ken and Diane are top notch folks. Ken is funny when he tells a tale and I like when he speaks,” Bill said. “It’s great people to be with. And it kind of… it kind of refreshes you,” Anne smiled.

If you would like to join the group, they invite all seniors to come to their 10th Anniversary Luncheon on Monday, August 7, at 11:30 a.m., at the Limetree Restaurant in Mena.

Diane said, “This is where it all began 10 years ago at the Limetree. Hopefully some of the originals will be there and you all as well.” For more information, call Diane at 479-243-0191.

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