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Standridge announces intent to run for office

Lisa Standridge has announced she will run for the Polk County Clerk position, which will be vacated by Terri Harrison next year.

Standridge will appear on the ballot in May 2022 and desires residents to be made aware of her intent to serve the people of Polk county.

Lisa has been married for 33 years to Jimmy, who has been employed by a local propane distributor for 30 years.

“We are an established, loyal, committed family and it is those values that I want to bring with me to the office of county clerk,” Standridge said.

Lisa was born and raised in Mena and completed her associate’s degree from Rich Mountain Community College and then went on to SAU for her bachelors, before obtaining a masters degree. She is certified to teach K12 special education and has worked for Mena Public Schools for seven years and has 13 years of teaching experience.

In addition to her qualifications to educate, inform and assist, Standridge also has experience in managerial roles in the banking and medical industries, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other administrative areas that transition well to the county clerk position.

“I’ve been attending Quorum Court meetings and familiarizing myself with the operations of the county, as well as researching and educating myself with information from the Arkansas Association of Counties and other avenues so that I’m familiar with the duties, expectations, policies and procedures,” Standridge said.

“I have wanted to serve the people of Polk County in a capacity like this for a long time,” she continued. “When the opportunity came up for me to exercise my right to run for office, I felt led to begin researching and passionately pursue the call I feel is on my heart. We are so fortunate to be able to have free elections in our magnificent country and being part of that process is humbling. I hope to bring that reverence for our nation to the office and run a campaign that is a living testimony that honors our country and the residents of Polk County.”

Lisa and Jimmy attend Hillcrest Baptist Church and pride themselves on family values.

“We are just like everyone else, family is everything,” she said, noting the things that are important to residents of Polk County are important to the Standridge family. “We have truly been blessed to have our children choose to continue to make their lives here and raise our grandchildren right down the street.”

The Standridge’s children include Jacob, a 2012 graduate of Acorn, and his wife Taylor and their two children, and Jared, a 2015 graduate of Acorn, and his wife, Emmalie. 

The family enjoys going on ATV rides and enjoying the natural beauty of Polk County together.

Jimmy said he fully supports his wife’s desire to serve.

“We are Polk County people and I know she cares about this a lot, and I love her and have never held her back,” he said. “She knows what Polk County stands for, and I hope the voters will stand with her in May.”

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