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Woods Competes in River Valley Jui-Jitsu

On September 23, 2017, Cody Woods of Southern Impact Martial Arts in Mena competed in the River Valley Jui-Jitsu open in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Woods trained to compete in the 150-165 pound no-gi (absent of the traditional martial arts uniform) division, but due to a last minute series of events he ended up competing in a conglomerated 150-185 pound no-gi ...

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Erickson Fairs Well in Professional Debut

SUBMITTED – On March 4th, in Joplin, Missouri, Ryan Erickson, of Southern Impact Martial Arts, made his debut as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Erickson was matched against another debuting pro and hometown favorite, DeAlan Hicks. Hicks’ strength was his boxing, as he was the boxing coach for the Victory Gym in Joplin, Missouri and his proficiency in the ...

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Father and Son Compete in Martial Arts Tournament

SUBMITTED – On January 28th, Cody Woods of Southern Impact Martial Arts travelled to compete in the East Texas Open Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Tyler, Texas. Woods represented both Southern Impact and Mena very well by winning a gold medal in the no-gi, 156-167 pound weight class of the blue belt division. His experience and aptitude in catch wrestling proved ...

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Southern Impact hosts Stephen Koepfer Sambo Seminar

SUBMITTED – Southern Impact hosted a Sambo seminar with Stephen Koepfer on April 10th 2016.  Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport made popular by Fedor Emelianenko in the Pride Fighting Championships in the 2000s. The word “SAMBO” is an acronym for SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya, which translates as “self-defense without weapons.” Sambo is relatively modern since its development ...

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