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Talimena 13.1 runs smoothly 

By Trey Youngdahl

Christian non-profit organization The CALL in Polk County hosted a half-marathon last Saturday to raise funds to support foster care families.

The route started at Janssen Park, traveled northeast on Maple Avenue toward Suzy Q’s, then turned left on Mena Street and continued straight up the Talimena Scenic Byway to the Lodge.

“We were expecting a 70% chance of rain, but it actually ended up being perfect running weather,” The CALL program coordinator Renee Hendrix said. “There was a slight mist in the air. I think the runners really enjoyed that.”

The winners this year was Burton Bledsoe with a time just over two hours in a very close race, with first through fifth place finishing with only a 14 second difference.

1, Burton Bledsoe 2:2.2

2, Philip Lance 2:2.10

3, Sarah Blinkenstaff 2:2.12 

4, Paul Tidwell 2:2.13 

5, Zachary Casson 2:2.16 

“We are proud of the participants, the many volunteers, and local businesses that supported us. This was a group effort and a group success,” Hendrix said. “Our day started out with a rainy forecast but ended up with clear skies and a beautiful view that only Queen Wilhelmina State Park can provide. The CALL in Polk County is looking forward to next year’s event.”

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