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The CALL is seeking Souper Heroes

By Ethan Nahté


Readers might recall that The CALL in Polk County had an open house a week before Christmas at their new location in one of the buildings at Dallas Avenue Baptist Church. Despite the hassle of moving, organizing and remaining functional during the holiday season, The CALL was still able to provide for 20 families and over 60 children in care through their partnership with CASA, DHS, church partners and donors of all kinds.

They still need continued support for their services to be effective, including the ability to continue to recruit, train and support these families.

Alyssa Green, coordinator for The CALL in Polk County, said, “What we do is so much more than buying children and families items they need or dropping off a meal.

“It’s about showing up in the middle of the night when your bonus baby is sick and needs urgent care, but your biological children are in bed.

“It’s about reaching out and saying, ‘How are you today?’ and really mean it.

“It’s shuffling eight extra kids to and from sports for your foster mom/dad friend because they’re just too tired.

“And sometimes it means reaching in our wallets! That’s right the Lord leads us to even give our hard-earned money to others sometimes. And sometimes that’s the hardest for us. I know myself personally I love ice coffees and tacos. They both cost much more than $8.”

The CALL has a special request for your church, small group or organization. Can you make soup, or do you like to eat soup? Now through the month of March, The CALL will be doing their Souper Sunday Fundraising, but you can do it on any day of the week.

Contact The Call in Polk County at 501-813-6480 or and let them know you’re interested in joining in and how many containers your group believes they can sell. The CALL will provide all containers and can arrange a pickup or drop off.

Participants will need to advertise the time, date, and location of their Souper Hero activities. Sell each quart for $8 and donate proceeds to The CALL in Polk County. With $8 you can help families and children affected by foster care.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, contact Green at the number or email above, or at 479-234-3498. You can also contact church coordinator Logan McCourtney at or 479-234-8377.

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