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Ticket Sales Set Records


Tickets for OLT’s Willy Wonka went on sale recently at Arvest Bank. Theodore Schoeppey of Arvest reported that 66 tickets were sold in the first few hours. The show plays Friday through Sunday, April 25 – 27 and Thursday Friday & Sunday, May 1, 2, and 4.  There is no show Saturday May 4. Since seating is reserved, those wanting good seats need to get to Arvest Bank soon. Things are falling into place. Most of the scenery is done thanks to Lorraine Timmerman, Jolynn Vacca, Jeffery Mathews, Tim Hesse and Faith Amidei. The Orchestra rehearsed with the cast for the first time last week and promises to be really great. The parents of all the youngsters also need a big thank you.  Driving kids to rehearsal 2 or 3 times per week is no picnic. There are still over 100 folks involved with this production including cast, orchestra, and stage crew. The stage crew is under the direction of Jessica Kropp. The community has also been very supportive. Lakeside Metal Fabrication, Pony Express, Handy Hardware, and EpicTees have all bent over backwards to help with the production. For more information about Willy Wonka, including pictures and video, go to

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