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Tyson Foods Adds Social Distancing Monitors in Plants

A new position of social distancing monitor at its processing plants is one way that Tyson Foods continues to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 spread in its facilities and nearby communities.

Each facility now has social distancing monitors who are typically hourly employees with good communication abilities, sufficient tenure to know their way around the plants, are most often multilingual, and comfortable talking to management.

These monitors move around the plant and intervene when necessary to remind fellow workers to follow the signs on the floors for maintaining distance.

As employees arrive at work they move through two phases of checkpoints that include temperature checks and donning protective gear required to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Some of Tyson’s poultry plants are operating at reduced capacity amid absenteeism and required quarantine of those who test positive.

The idea for social distancing monitors came from safety meetings held several weeks ago when the company first began to try to mitigate risks and spread of COVID-19 in its facilities. The monitors also make sure people wear their face coverings properly.

Tyson Foods operates poultry processing plants in Grannis and Waldron.

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