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UA-RM Plans To Expand Campus Structures With $7.5 Million Projects

By Sam Jordan

(MENA)  The University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain will be undertaking a few projects that will see four new buildings and one existing building that will see renovations and an addition.

  Doctor Phillip Wilson, Chancellor of the University announced on Tuesday evening of the upcoming projects “that will be transformative” in nature and take the university to a more competitive level with other similar schools in the University of Arkansas system.

The $7.5 million student housing building will see four buildings that will comprise of 102 beds and that will also include studio apartments, a community room and laundry area. The four buildings will provide 37,268 square feet of space.

Building “A” will provide thirty-two beds. Building “B” will house thirty-four beds, with two studio apartments. Building “C” will house forty-two beds, with two studio apartments. Each building will will have two floors of space. The only difference will be that Building A and B, will be constructed as four, two story structures. Building C will be five, two story structures.

The community / laundry room area will be in a separate one story building.

The Ode Maddox Building will see over 5200 square feet of renovations, in addition to a 3210 square foot expansion to that building.

The buildings will be located behind the Ouachita Center, on the Western end of the campus.

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