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Walk Across Polk County

County Extension employee Bridgett Martin has been very busy lately, unfortunately she doesn’t get to apply all of that work to total in the Walk Across Polk County competition initiative.  If so she would more than likely win, hands down.  Of course Bridgett will be the first one to tell you that without the cooperation from “Quality of Life,” MRHS and the many volunteers this event would be impossible to pull off.

When asked what the event entails, Mrs. Martin informed us that “Walk Across Polk County” is an eight-week event that begins the second week of March and lasts until May 5th.  The event consists of teams of two to eight people that are contending to call themselves the most active of all the teams involved.  Every individual pays ten dollars and are encouraged to exercise, and keep a record of the time and distances that they walk.

Mrs. Martin said that they really are looking to see more family participation, and that the event is for all ages, and all walks of life.  There are prizes and awards for performance and placement, but the main purpose behind this event is to encourage a more health conscious and active Polk County.  If you would like more information then go visit the Polk County extension office and ask for Bridgett Martin or call (479) 394-6018.

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