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 Let the revival in our hearts spill over into our families…


By LeAnn Dilbeck

Conversations at dinner, at work, at church, in social media all seem to be a strong desire for this nation to take a new direction, or at least a different direction, than its current course. A continuation of a four part series that began last week about a much needed and wanted revival in this nation, we began the discussion of how that revival must begin with each of us in our own hearts and then spill over into our families, our churches & communities, and then into our nation.

With this week’s focus on revival in our families, I’m reminded of a very beautiful and true statement written by a very beautiful and treasured friend of mine, Candace Riner. “The health of our country rests upon the health of our families. So we must begin at home what we wish to begin in the world.”

Families are under attack because they are the very fabric of this nation that weaves us together as a nation! Our society has become such an “all about me” culture that we have become so susceptible to believing the lies of the Enemy that are destructive to marriages and families. God’s position on both are clear in the Bible.

The ultimate purpose of marriage is to reflect God’s image. “Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.” – Ephesians 5:31-32

In the “Art of Marriage” Ministry, they teach that marriage is more than a device to suit our own needs, it exists for a much bigger purpose. Marriage reflects to the world God’s promise to be with us and to redeem us. God will not protect us from what He will perfect us through. Marriage is a covenant – a permanent promise – not a contract.

“He/She is just not the one.” “I got married too young and didn’t find the right one.” “He/She just doesn’t make me happy.” We’ve all heard the excuses…or maybe even believed them or even said them, but the truth is, the myth of “the one” is NOT biblical. The one you married is the one with whom you are to make a life. It is just as important to become the right person as it is to find the right person. The book of Ruth has one of the most beautiful love stories, in my opinion, in the entire Bible and I encourage you to read the entire book.

Our very selfish society has gotten away from the order that God desires for our relationships, marriages and families with its immoral behavior. Homosexuality and fornication are forbidden and yet we attempt to justify and diminish God’s Word to fit our own desires. We look around and it seems to work for so many so we think there’s no harm in it, but the truth is, that when we don’t do it by God’s design, we are robbing our own selves of such joy and blessings.  You may be happier than you’ve ever been but I promise you, when you do it by His design, both your joy and security will multiply ten-fold over. You can rest assured that whatever wars, storms, or temptations come your way, your marriage will be wearing the armor of God. By continuing to seek and trust Him, you can survive and be a living testimony to His redemption, protection, and enduring love. “Marriage is embedded in the culture as a gospel testimony that is always making statements. The only question is whether it’s a good statement or bad one.” – Dave Harvey