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When the Light Comes On


Benjamin Franklin is the celebrated “Father of Electricity” although much research now indicates that there were many before him who stumbled across similar principles that led to Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb that served to revolutionize an entire continent. Do you think he had any clue the value his invention would have?

Many of us who lost power through the recent ice storm could certainly testify that something we took for granted on Wednesday, December 4, suddenly had a much greater value in our lives less than 24 hours later when almost half of the county had their electricity interrupted. How many of us, time and time again, would walk from one room to the next and flip the switch expecting the light to come on and suddenly remember that it would not?

The loss of electricity affected our entire lives as we know it. Besides being in the dark, for many, it affected their heat and ability to bathe comfortably, ability to cook, ability to work, and “Heaven forbid” the ability to be entertained, informed or communicate. Priorities certainly shifted as discussions not only centered around finding heat but ways to charge cell phones because we’ve become so accustomed to the instant information and instant contact. So what was the result of this forced disconnection from life as we know it? For most – quality family time. How many posts and times have people said how much they enjoyed time reading or playing games with friends and family… something so many of us in our hyper-connected society don’t disconnect enough to do anymore.

While many of us may pride ourselves in family time spent in the car from one practice to another or in a gym or on a field, when conditions warrant 24/7 togetherness with no distractions, you have more and better conversations. Suddenly saying goodnight can become a flashback to the Waltons as family and extended family… grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins… all sleep like a can of sardines around a fireplace.

Aside from the improved family togetherness, the event made me realize how symbolic the weather and the darkness are in our walk with the Lord.  When “Ol’ Man Winter” blew his frigid temperatures combined with the precipitation… the weight of the ice was more than the lines, trees, or the limbs could stand and caused them to break. And, when that happens… the “lights go out” so to speak.

When we become so frigid and heavy laden, just as those lines and trees did, we break and fall too! But when we’re powered by Jesus, we generate warmth and light so that others can see a reflection of our gracious Lord and maybe, if they don’t already, want to know more about this Savior named Jesus.

It is instinctive to look for the light when we find ourselves surrounded in darkness and when we know that He is the way, the truth, and the light, it shows the instinctive hunger we have for His light in our lives.  He is more reliable than the light switches that sometimes fail us because when you call upon His name, He is always there and is always faithful to move in His own timing for our own best interest. Romans 10:13 says that whoever calls upon His name will be saved.

Being in the darkness, whether literally or metaphorically, lends a much deeper appreciation when the lights come back on. Just like we shouldn’t take for granted the little things in life like light at the flip of a switch, we shouldn’t take for granted God’s merciful gift in His Son. When His light comes on in your life, you will see like you have never seen before!

All for His Glory –