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Whitley Lind Photography – Focusing on You!


It has been said that a photograph is like the pause button of life. A photograph captures a moment in time so that the moment can be enjoyed years later. Photographers dream of capturing the moment that perfectly portrays the essence of their subject. Alfred Eisenstaedt once said, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Whitley Lind Photography strives to make their photo shoots more about relationships and their customers their complete focus.

Logan and Whitley Lind are no strangers to a camera. Logan is known by many in the area as a singer and songwriter, performing at local venues as well as around the country. Whitley grew up playing sports in Mena her entire life so both her and Logan are comfortable having their pictures taken. A little over a year ago though, the camera turned the other way and now Whitley and Logan are taking photos of everyone else. “We were both working at PCDC at the time and I had a passion for photography and we felt like God said ‘take a jump of faith’ and we just asked how high? A year later we are doing photography and music full-time and we love it,” says Whitley smiling.

A couple of years ago Logan was traveling for a show that he was playing and he asked Whitley to be the photographer of the trip and she had a blast. “I just really enjoyed taking the pictures. When I was growing up playing sports, I always saw Tom White on the sidelines capturing photos and it inspired me to want to capture the moment for others,” explains Whitley. The motto that the Lind’s live by as they take pictures is “we focus on you.” “So often photographers come in with a style that they prefer and they may dictate how the shoot goes, but we want our focus to be the things our customers love. We want to capture what makes them who they are,” says Logan.

Each photo shoot is uniquely designed around the personality and desires of the client. “We challenge ourselves to do one thing at each shoot…to capture that spark. The spark that makes every person unique and full of life and dreams is what we want to capture, that spark can many forms: a talent, family, faith, love, and much more.” Whitley and Logan want their shoots to be much more about relationships than just taking photos. “It has been so cool to get to know people during their shoots. As we talk and get to know them, they loosen up and we get to see who they truly are. Months later, we have seen people and they are asking how we are doing and we are talking about family like we have been friends for years,” says Logan with a smile.

Along with a fun and relaxed environment, Whitley and Logan produce a quality product that their customers love. Many times during a session there may only be one photographer, but with the Linds clients get two photographers, sometimes three if you count their baby Freya. “It’s funny how it came about that we both took photos. When Whit got further along in her pregnancy and it was hard for her to get down low to take photos, I would help. We would get home and look at the photos and think ‘hey, these are really good.’ After that it became normal and now we are both at every shoot.”

For photographers, having more than one person taking pictures is a huge advantage because they are able to catch different shots at different angles that one photographer couldn’t. “We have also found that it makes it a lot more comfortable for people when there is a guy and a girl taking photos,” remarks Whitley. Another advantage of having two people work on the same job is the turn around time for photos. Normally, Whitley has photos ready for people in less than a week, effort that is appreciated by many customers, “We know that people are anxious to see their photos and excited so we want to get them back as soon as possible. Especially for weddings, our goal is to have the pictures ready by the time they get back from their honeymoon,” Logan says.

Recently Logan and Whitley found a location for their studio that is beautiful and centrally located, “We found a building that is perfect for us that is right on Mena Street. The location is great and accessible for so many people.” The studio serves as a meeting place for clients, but also somewhere that photos can be taken. “Portraits are our biggest seller and so this provides another place for us to do these, especially new born photos. We love taking photos outside though because of the natural lighting and we feel like outdoors captures the moment well. We are thankful to now have both,” says Whitley. The couple will host their open house showcasing their work and their new studio at 711 Mena Street from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday, September 9 .

Their website, www.whitleylindphotography is a great way to see the diversity of the Lind’s work, subjects that vary from dogs to weddings to families to babies, versatility that is driven by the customers themselves. For more information, you can call or text them at 479-234-5936.

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