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Wickes Man Arrested in Child Abuse Case


pruitt-1Gregory S. Pruitt, age 29 of Wickes, Ark., has been charged with Battery – 1st Degree, a Class Y Felony, for the alleged beating of 2 yr. old Greg Stanga on October 20. Stanga lived with his mother in the residence where Pruitt also resided.

Stanga was transported to Mena Regional Health System but later airlifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where he remains. Family members say his condition has improved at this time, as medical personnel were able to remove him from the ventilator.

A benefit bake sale and softball tournament is planned for Saturday, November 8. For more information on either of those benefits, please call Britany Eaton 479-216-2302 or Brittney Vespie 479-216-1035.

If found guilty of the Class Y Felony, Pruitt could face a minimum sentence of 10 years. Gregory S. Pruitt is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.





  1. Beating a child badly enough to be on a ventilator rates more than a Class Y felony – though I suppose 10 years in GenPop would be enough.

    • shot to death would be a better option he is lucky it wasn’t my child

      • No he doesn’t deserve that he woul never harm a kid! I’m tired of people judging someone they don’t know…I trust him more then anyone with my new born!

    • Ten yrs in general population is not enough!! Ninety five percent (that’s Conservative), of anyone asked, “what if this was your child”? , will answer the same ” I would kill him”, is the common answer. I want him and whoever else was responsible to suffer!!!! There are people there in that community that know the truth “[name omitted]”. Do the right thing!!! Tell the truth!!!!!! Leave it to the corrupt officials who won’t seek the truth, justice wont be served. I am the only one my son has, I can’t serve this justice, or I lose my freedom, I lose my son. My son loves his daddy!!! And, ” I love my son”. Further more, the bake sale held to put cash into an addicts pocket “Sabrina Roberts-Clovis” was the most rediculous thing I’ve ever seen. Good job!!

  2. I swear no one really knows the truth behind this Gregory is my uncle and has never harmed a kid in any way what so ever and also th boy was with his mother at the time people need to stop going by hear say and listen to th truth.

    • Were you there?

      • No I might not of been there but I know for a fact that the baby was not there either!

        • I am the father of lil Gregg. As far as I am concerned, Sabrina Roberts-Clovis, my sons mother, should be charged with the same crime as Pruitt!! If y’all care enough to comment on this story, care enough to see that justice is served by helping convict this woman that was in a position of trust. My son should have never been out of her sight. If she truly cared, or loves her children, then why was this innocent child almost killed? My son has had two brain surgeries since this horrific beating. Somebody please help me get “ALL” responsible, behind bars.

        • Where was my son then??? Since you claim to know, speak up!!! Since you claim to know, where was that piece of {}”Pruitt”? You wanna open your mouth and protect, open your mouth and confess these where about!! Until then, stop defending this punk!!

  3. Well now, seems 12 men & women think the piece of [expletive] is guilty, I can’t call him a man, because a “man” would never hurt a baby, that’s right, he hurt a baby. Only God can judge, but the piece of [expletive] is where he belongs so he can’t do this to any other baby, God forbid he ever get out, I have a feeling he’ll get just what he deserves. My nephew didn’t deserve this, a helpless 2 year old, really? In prison the piece of [expletive] will come up against some men that will show him exactly what that baby felt.:)

  4. Gregory has been my friend for 15 years. He has never hurt a kid. He’s always been a great guy. The mother changed her story 5 fn times. He admitted to doing what he stated but he would never do that. I believe in my heart he is innocent. I’m soo saddened by this this. His life is over. May God be with u my friend and the child who is hurt.

  5. I’m sorry to the victims but god judges not us.

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