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A Tree for Andi

BY MYSTI GATES – The Brewer family planted a tree in Hatfield City Park in memory of their sweet Andi on April 12, 2013, just two days after what would have been her 26th birthday. Andria Nichole Brewer, better known to her friends and family as “Andi,” was born on April 10, 1987 to parents Greg and Rebecca Brewer (De ...

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Supreme Court Re-Opens Roberts Death Penalty Case

Victim’s family reacts to latest decision BY LEANN DILBECK –  The Arkansas Supreme Court granted a petition by Arkansas death-row inmate, Karl D. Roberts, to have his case re-opened in Polk County Circuit Court in a decision handed down by the state’s highest court last Thursday, February 14. “This is a very frustrating decision,” said Prosecuting Attorney Andy Riner who ...

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Justice for Andi

BY MYSTI GATES – Author’s note: As a parent myself, I personally experienced anxiety about discussing Andi’s murder with her family; I was fearful of how my questions would affect them. And I have to say, that their openness and willingness to talk with me about her life and her death was an experience like none I have ever had. ...

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Roberts Appeal Rejected by Arkansas Supreme Court

Family Continues Seeking ‘Justice for Andi’ BY LEANN DILBECK – Last week, the Arkansas Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Karl Douglas Roberts.  In a case that outraged the entire county and captured state-wide attention, Roberts confessed and was convicted and sentenced to die in May 2000 for the 1999 killing of his 12-year old niece Andria “Andi” Brewer in ...

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Karl D. Roberts Continues Seeking Appeal

BY MYSTI GATES – Eleven years following his confession and conviction, the defense team of Karl D. Roberts continues seeking an appeal after Roberts waived his rights to such. On November 3, 2011 the Polk County Circuit Court heard oral arguments in the case of Roberts v. the State of Arkansas. In a case that outraged the entire county and ...

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Circuit Court Denies Karl Roberts’ Post-Conviction Relief

BY LEANN DILBECK – Circuit Judge J.W.  Looney signed an order further denying Karl Roberts attempt to seek “relief” from his 2000 murder conviction.  The document was prepared by Polk County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Williamson and filed in Polk County Circuit Clerk’s office Wednesday, June 30, 2010.  The order denies the post-conviction relief sought under Rule 37 of the Rules ...

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