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2016 Quilt Show Winners


The Ouachita Quilt Show Committee thanks everyone who participated in making this year’s

Quilt show a big success.  We are pleased to announce the winners in the following categories:

DONATION QUILT  WINNER:  Diane Warren, Wickes, Ar.

BEST OF SHOW:  Sharon Chambers, “Princess Feathers”

PEOPLES’ CHOICE: Carol Carlyle, “Birdhouse Row”


    CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Debra Lay, “Fall clean up”

    CIRCUIT JUDGE:  Rebecca Romine, “Funky Chickens”

    CHIEF OF POLICE: Wanda Cogburn, “3-D Bowtie

    CITY CLERK: Wilma Standerfer, “Hanging Gardens”

    COUNTY JUDGE: Linda Davis, “Pineapple nine-patch

    COUNTY SHERIFF: Carolyn Pearson, “Quick Quarter, yellow

    MAYOR OF MENA: Pam Ferguson, “Civil War Replica

    PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: Linda Lee Ray, “Autumn in the Ouachitas

    COUNTY CLERK: Sharon Judkins, “Orca Bay

     MENA STAR:  Sandra Hartley, “Rose from Sharon”

    THE PULSE: Linda Lee Ray, “Window Box”

    KENA: Janelle Hammonds, “Flying Geese

    MENA ART GALLERY: Joelle Liles, “Dogs”

    RICH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Wilma Standerfer, “Razorback Stack n Whack

    MENA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS: Wilma Standerfer, “Razorback Rail Fence

    A&P COMMISSION: Sandra Wiggins, “Red, White & Blue

    MAYOR OF COVE: Alice Skumautz, “Rail Fence, ‘I’ll show you’


    1ST JUDGE OF SHOW: BoardCamp Firehouse Quilt, “BoardCamp Firehouse Quilt

    2ND JUDGE OF SHOW: Alice Skumautz, “Flowering Vines

    NIMBLE THIMBLE QUILT GUILD: Sandra Hartley, “Four Patch Potpourri

    VENDOR’S CHOICE: Carolyn Pearson, “Quick Quarter, Brown

    FORMER EXTENSION AGENT: Sharon Chambers, “Princess Feather

    SHOW COMMITTEE: Susan Carter, “Mariner’s Compass


    HAND PIECED/MACHINE QUILTED:  2nd Place, Linda Bento, “Log Cabin

    MACHINE PIECED/HAND QUILTED: 1st Place, Debra Lay, “Blooming Buttons”, 2nd, Sandra Wiggins, “Red, White & Blue”, 3rd, Tiny Campbell, “Remembering Mother

    MACHINE PIECED/ALL OVER MACHINE QUILTED: 1st Place, Lindo Bento, “Cactus Flower”, 2nd, Pam Ferguson, “Civil War Replica”, 3rd, Wilma Standerfer, “Razorback Stack n Whack”

    MACHINE PIECED/CUSTOM MACHINE QUILTED: 1st Place, Sandra Hartley, “Aegean Sea”, 2nd, Nancy Jo Baker, “Rusty Hanging Cabins”, 3rd, Peggy Shelley, “9-Patch Star

    COMBINED TECHNIQUES/HAND QUILTED:1st  Rebecca Romine, “Sonny’s Loss, my Gain”, 2nd Sandra Hartley, “Rose from Sharon

    COMBINED TECHNIQUES/MACHINE QUILTED: 1st Susan Carter, “Mariners Compass

    HAND APPLIQUE/HAND QUILTED: 1st Sandra Hartley, “Four Patch Potpourri”

HAND APPLIQUE/ MACHINE QUILTED: 1ST Sharon Chambers, “Princess Feather”, 2nd, Pam Ferguson, “Enduring Love”

    MACHINE APPLIQUE/MACHINE QUILTED: 1st Linda Bento, “Autumn Splendor”, 2nd, Autumn Liles, “Christmas Tree

    WALL HANGING/HAND QUILTED: 1st Place, Sharon Chambers, “Chickens”, 2nd, Kathryn Stucker, “From Dusk to Dawn”

    WALL HANGING/MACHINE QUILTED: 1st Place, Ann Ferris, “Measow Flowers”, 2nd, Debra Lay, “Woven Flower Arrangement”, 3rd, Debra Lay, “Christmas Gift

    LAP QUILT/HAND QUILTED: Rebecca Romine, “ Grandmothers Flower Garden

    LAP QUILT/MACHINE QUILTED: 1st Place, Susan Carter, “Blue & White Pineapple”, 2nd, Peggy Shelley, “Blocks in the Square”, 3rd, Joelle Liles, “Dogs”

    MINIATURE: 1st Ann Ferris, “Marty Gras Party Pops”

    BABY QUILT: 1st Blaze Craig, “County Babies”, 2nd, Debra Lay, “Monkey Face

    ORIGINAL DESIGN: 1st Place, Carol Carlyle, “Birdhouse Row”, 2nd Debra Lay, “Dragon Fly Wonder”

    FIRST QUILT: 1st Place, Wanda Cogburn, “3-D Bowtie”, 2nd , Halie Standefer, “Sunflower Garden”

    GROUP QUILT: 1st Place, Board Camp Firehouse Quilt, “Board Camp Firehouse Quilt”, 2nd Rich Mountain Quilting & Volunteers, “Hands”

    EMBROIDERY QUILT:1st  Ann Ferris, “Arkansas Plants”

    HOME DÉCOR: 1st Place, Alice Skumautz, “Flowering Vines”, 2nd, Alice Skumautz, “Curved Flowers”, 3rd, Debra Lay, “Ring Around the Rosie”

    OTHER: 1st Place, Judy Myers, “Dresden Plate, Quilters tote bag”, 2nd, Kathy Hagler, “Friendship Braid, doll quilt”,, 3rd, Debra Lay, “Quilters tote bag”


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