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Acorn Elementary & Middle School Hold Spelling Bee

Acorn Elementary and Middle School recently held their local Spelling Bee where winners were chosen to advance on to the Polk County Spelling Bee in January. Pictured are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place School Spelling Bee Winners for Acorn Elementary School and Acorn Middle School.

Back Row – 8th Grade – 1st Place – Chad Sutton, 2nd Place – Jon O’Donnal, Alternate – 3rd Place – Mercedes Mowdy. 7th Grade – 1st Place – Corryn Holland, 2nd Place – Autumn Strother, Alternate – 3rd Place – Halli Holland.

Middle Row – 6th Grade – 1st Place – Ethan Sutherland, 2nd Place – Raeghan Weddle, Alternate – 3rd Place – Alexyss Hilderbrand. 5th Grade – 1st Place – Kaelin Harding, 2nd Place – (Not Pictured) Jayden Willborg, Alternate – 3rd Place – Rachael Miller. 4th grade – 1st Place – Kenzie Daniels, 2nd Place – Nichole Philpot, Alternate – 3rd Place – Noah Holland.

Front Row – 3rd Grade – 1st Place – Arayah Wharton, 2nd Place – Damon Cruz, Alternate – 3rd Place – McKenna Pippen. 2nd Grade – 1st Place – Caleb Young, 2nd Place – Macy McEntire, Alternate – 3rd Place – Stephanie Ham. 1st grade – Regan Larucci, 2nd Grade – Bailey Andrews, Alternate – 3rd Place – Sarah Dickerson.

The Polk County Spelling Bee is sponsored by Union Bank and will be hosted this year by the Ouachita River School District.

Students from Cossatot River, Mena, and Ouachita River School districts will participate. The Bee will be held on January 19, 2016 at the Mena Performing Arts Center starting at 9:00 a.m.

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