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Acorn High School Academic Awards

The following awards and scholarships were presented to students at the Academic Awards Banquet on Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Mr. Barr: James Stubbs, Bridge to Algebra II; Eric Sutherland, Geometry; Rachel Wallace, Algebra B; Caitlin Pierce, Geometry Investigations; Chantry Blake, Algebra A; Adrianna Howard, Algebra III.

Ms. Couch: Seth Barr, Choir; Brook Mabry, Advanced Band; Tessa Kesterson, Beginning Band.

Ms. Davis: Shawn Goss, Speech; Marissa Pate, Speech; Cherish Robertson, AP Language; Timmery Adams, AP Literature; Dylan Deramus, English 12; Alex Magness, English 12; Dustin McFarland, English 11.

Distance Learning: Caitlin Pierce, American History; Mariah Walls, Journalism; Misty Oglesby, Criminal Law; Daric Echols, Spanish I; Shawn Goss, Economics.

Ms. Haggard: Brooke Bates, Computer Business Applications; Alyson Nichols, Computer Technology; Elizabeth Hachtel, Keyboarding Applications; Alyson Nichols, Keyboarding Applications; Daric Echols, Digital Communications; Makayla Anderson, Keyboarding.

Ms. Hays: Taylor Mabry, Nutrition & Wellness; Timmery Adams, Housing 2nd Semester; Brooke Bates, Family & Consumer Science; Jessica Looney, Food Production; Elizabeth Hachtel, Family CSI 2nd Semester; Jared Standridge, Family Dynamics; Timmery Adams, Food & Nutrition; Taylor Mabry, Housing 1st Semester; Josey Webb, Family CSI 1st Semester.

Mr. Jackson: Shawn Goss, Health 1st Semester; Erin Shelly, Health 2nd Semester.

Mr. Kinkade: Tessa Kesterson, 7th Grade History; Makayla Anderson, 7th Grade History; Alyson Nichols, 8th Grade Pre-AP Social Studies; Zane Barr, 8th Grade Pre-AP Social Studies.

Mr. Mabry: Rachel Williamson, 7th Grade English; Monica Cottrell, 8th Grade English.

Ms. McGee: Daric Echols, Pre-AP Biology; Seth Barr, AP Environmental Science; Celeste Branson, Environmental Science; Jordan Pennington, Chemistry; Rachel Wallace, Biology; Eric Sutherland, Physical Science; Charlotte Davasher, Physical Science; Dalton Lane, Physical Science.

Ms. Newbolt: Makayla Anderson, 7th Grade Math; John Collins, 8th Grade Math

Ms. Padilla: Zane Barr, Algebra I; Shawn Goss, Geometry; Seth Barr, Physics; Seth Barr, College Algebra; Daric Echols, Algebra II; Timmery Adams, Spanish II; Tara Warrington, Pre-Calculus; Jessica Looney, Pre-Calculus.

Ms. Rusert: Rachel Williamson, 7th Grade Science; Alyson Nichols, 8th Grade Science.

Ms. Sexton: Rachel Wallace, 10th Grade English; Selena Maechler, Pre-AP 10th Grade English; Eric Sutherland, Pre-AP 9th Grade English; Charlotte Davasher, 9th Grade English; Alyson Nichols, 8th Grade English.

Ms. Stapp: Charissa Shelly, Art I 1st Semester; Brittany Wilhite, Art I 2nd Semester; Adrianna Howard, Art II 1st Semester; Sierra Bunyard, Art II 2nd Semester; Rachel Wallace, Art I 1st Semester; Rachel Wallace, Art II 2nd Semester.

Mr. Willsey: Krysten Fagan, Contemporary American History; Lydia Tilley, Contemporary American History; Samantha Moore, World History; Nathan Chaney, Civics; Ridge Sachs, Economics 1st Semester; Timmery Adams, Economics A; Daric Echols, Economics B; James Drake, World Geography; Catelyn Reynolds, Pre-AP World History; Brianne Allen, AP U.S. History.

To be selected for the All-Academic Award a student must have qualified for each honor roll during the school year. The following students have qualified: 7th Grade: Makayla Anderson, Tessa Kesterson, Mekinzie Kyle, Rachel Murr, Braxlie Strother, Jeb Willborg, Rachel Williamson; 8th Grade: Zane Barr, Makenzie Goss, Alyson Nichols, Kailey Posey, Josey Webb; 9th Grade: Macie Adams, Brooke Bates, Charlotte Davasher, Matt Davis, Morgan Fagan, Shawn Goss, Dalton Lane, Tabitha Mabry, Marissa Pate, Eric Sutherland, Josh Staggs; 10th Grade: Daric Echols, Selena Maechler; 11th Grade: Brianne Allen, Adrianna Howard, Jordan Pennington, Cherish Robertson; 12th Grade: Timmery Adams, Seth Barr, Sierra Bunyard, Dylan Deramus, Krysten Fagan, Payton Hill, Jasmine Jackson, Taylor Mabry.

The President’s Award for Educational Achievement is given to students in the 8th and 12th grade who meet the following qualifications. Have shown tremendous improvement and growth in their academics; Have a commitment to learning and improving in their academics; Have an excellent school record but do not meet the criterion for the President’s Award for Excellence. The following students were selected: 8th Grade Achievement Awards: Cristina Auces, John Collins, Christine Duvall, Teagan Grubb, Shawn Harvey, Faith Hill, Breanna Jones, Hadrian Lynch, Hailey Tackett; 12th Grade Achievement Awards: Cheyenne Blake, Sierra Bunyard, Dylan Deramus, Jasmine Jackson, Taylor Mabry, Alex Magness, Destiny Moran, Janelle Strong.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is given to students in the 8th grade who meet the following qualifications. Students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5 and Benchmark Achievement Scores of Advanced in the Math or Literacy section. The following students were selected: 8th Grade Excellence Awards: Zane Barr, Heather Frady, Makenzie Goss, Elizabeth Hachtel, Caici Hannaman, Bridgette Magness, Alyson Nichols, Josey Webb.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is given to students in the 12th grade who meet the following qualifications. Students must maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5 and have above average A.C.T. College Entrance Test Results. The following students were selected: 12th Grade Excellence Awards: Timmery Adams, Seth Barr, Lydia Tilley, Krysten Fagan, Taylor Copelin.

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