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Acorn Students of the Month for April 2014

The Acorn High School Faculty has chosen the following students for the April Students of the Month.

                     Students:                                   Parents:


7th Grade:  Brandon Morales ——————       Melissa Pollard

8th Grade:  Bridgette Magness —————-       Michael & Cherie Magness

9th Grade:  Josh Staggs ————————-       Danny & Shelley Staggs

10th Grade: Jamie Ziemniak ——————–Brian & Jennifer Ziemniak

11th Grade: Sky Jackson ————————       Mike & Becky Jackson

12th Grade: Seth Barr —————————       Michael & Jessie Barr

These students were chosen based on the following characteristics: performing at ability level, participating in the classroom, respectful to faculty and peers, demonstrating a good work ethic and demonstrating all-around good citizenship. 

Students received an academic plaque and lapel pin and will have their lunch furnished at a local restaurant.  The Acorn High School Student of the Month Program is sponsored by Nidec.  

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