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Anonymous Cyclist Fundraising for Veterans’ Projects


A cyclist, only known by the name of Patrick, found his way through Mena on a cross-country trip to bring awareness to veterans. The man, who wishes to remain as anonymous as possible, began his trip on February 15th of this year in hopes of raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project and Wishes for Warriors.

He is a self-declared “rogue agent,” he said with a chuckle, in that he hasn’t contacted either of the agencies, but just wants to remain low key as he gathers pledges and letters of intent along the way.

He is a seven-year Army veteran himself, serving as a trauma nurse. Throughout his trip, he has camped out in a tarp tent, and has certainly come across several of Arkansas’ finest predators – mosquitoes and ticks. He laughed as he said he had purchased a mosquito net earlier in the day in hopes of a more restful night.

He camped Thursday night atop Rich Mountain and found his way to the Mena/Polk Senior Center where he was served up a great lunch. Following his meal, Patrick was heading towards Pencil Bluff. When asked what his target date was for his final destination, he chuckled, “Before the rain and snow hit.”

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