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Arceneaux Graduates Academy


Paul Arceneaux is the newest Mena Police Department Officer to complete training and graduate from the Arkansas Police Academy in Camden, Arkansas. Arceneaux first became a Reserve Officer with Mena PD in June of 2014 and had attended Reserve Officer Training sponsored by the local department.

In February 2015, he was hired as a full time officer with Mena PD and he began training at the Arkansas Police Academy in May. During the thirteen-week long academy, Arceneaux received 520 hours of training. He graduated the Academy on July 31.

Mena Police Chief Brandon Martin said that Arceneaux was part of the first Reserve Officer Training class conducted by Mena PD. Martin said the program gives locals the opportunity to train and help their community. “Some of them train here and go other places to work but some of them stay here. The guys that do stay here really enjoy coming out and working for their community and they do it without pay and donate their time to the community,” said Martin.

Arceneaux is one of the locals that received the training and wanted more. Martin said he was more than pleased to hire him. “He’s from here and has a vested interest in the community, we are glad to have him in the department,” stated Martin.

Martin also said that they will be conducting another Reserve Officer Training beginning later this month and the limited slots are already full.


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