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Arise show filmed locally, aims to uplift and encourage

Submitted by Bobbie Himel / Photo by Levi Holmes – The Wandering Squirrel

A local group of women  from Mena and Mt. Ida-have produced a show that is currently on Divine Spirit Network & YouTube.

“We have 12 episodes recorded and will have one released a week for the next 12 weeks.  I believe this show will help people overcome the issues that have arisen from fear, depression, and anxiety, Bobbie Himel said. 

Arise includes a group of women who have experienced and overcame it themselves or have dealt with someone who has been or is going through depression, fear, anxiety and more. Our goal is to be a light to the audience so they will be excited to tune in and view us as friends to look to for support.

“During Covid19, fear and mental health issues rose from 1% – 125% according to the CDC.

Depression rose approximately 40.9%, suicides approximately 10%, and substance abuse approximately 12%. I have put together a TALK SHOW I believe will help others in dealing with, and overcoming, the issues that have arisen from fear, depression, and anxiety.”

Topics include:

-How to Arise Out of Fear

-How to Arise into a Relationship with Christ 

-How to Arise Out of Negativity

-How to Arise to Choose Faith Over Fear, such as fear of sickness

-How to Arise into our Purpose

-How to Arise and Overcome Rejection from Family and Friends

-How to Arise Out of Negative or Abusive Relationships

-How to Arise with Lasting Joy

-How to Arise and Love again

The show can be can accessed t at

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