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Arvest Partners with Mena McDonald’s to ‘Pay it Forward’


Arvest-Pays-It-Forward-1Arvest Bank partnered with Mena McDonald’s to ‘pay it forward’ at the McDonald’s drive-thru window this morning.  The concept of ‘pay it forward’ is that when someone does a good deed for you, instead of returning the favor to that person, you do something nice for someone else, therefore, you are paying it forward.

Arvest and McDonald’s used this concept this morning by choosing and sharing the cost to pay for random orders at the McDonald’s drive-thru. Many of the customers are shocked when the window comes open and, instead of your normal, friendly McDonald’s employee, out pops Arvest and pays for your meal. The hope is that others will take their blessing and apply it to someone else.

Arvest employees, Alysia Crouch and Samantha Baker, were excited for the opportunity and enjoyed seeing the surprise on consumer faces.


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