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Back the Blue for Wickes Elementary

In an effort to show support and appreciation for the local branches of law enforcement, the Wickes Elementary campus hosted its first annual Back the Blue program on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. Each student in grades PreK-6th was given a blue glow stick, the lights were turned out, and the students waved them as they sang along to “One Call Away” and “In the Eye of the Storm” videos.

Each officer, beginning with Sheriff-Elect Scott Sawyer, gave the students a brief description of his/her job and how he/she helps the community. Others in attendance were Mark Cannon, Matthew Marks, Justin Wagner, Steve Fortner, Clint Bell, Mike Farringer, Davey Ashcraft, Elaina Cannon, and TJ Frachiseur.

The officers of the different branches were presented with “Thank You” letters from the 5th and 6th grade classes, Back the Blue cupcakes, and a gift bag of goodies from the students. The gym was also decorated with signs made by the individual classes as well as a banner in which every student from the elementary added a blue handprint.

After the program, the officers mingled with the students, took pictures, signed autographs and made sure each student received a high-five!

“The Wickes Elementary Campus was honored to be able to show recognition and support for our local law enforcement officers in an effort to build community relations. We thank each and every one of the men and women who proudly serve Polk County in order to keep us safe,” said school officials.

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