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Like most Arkansans, I spent Sunday with one eye on the sky and the other keeping track of weather updates. The high potential for tornado activity in our area was certainly cause for caution and a reminder to have a disaster plan in place for family and loved ones. If you don’t have a disaster plan for your family, you can learn more about how to be prepared at
As I’m writing this, news reports indicate that at least 17 people were killed in central Arkansas by the storm events that took place Sunday evening. Whenever I see these horrific events unfold I’m reminded of how resilient the hard working people of our state are when faced with unspeakable tragedy. I was on the opposite end of the globe 5 years ago when my hometown of Mena took a direct hit from an EF-3 tornado. International news reporters were astounded by how promptly people came together to assist their friends and neighbors and the whole world recognized that our people were the epitome of strength and caring. Throughout ice storms, floods, and other natural disasters we’ve joined together to help those around us recover. We’ve experienced the acts of love as people from around the state and nation helped us recover from terrible circumstances.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing links on my Facebook page ( to some of the disaster relief organizations that are assisting the communities impacted by the storm. I’m asking each of you to find a way that you can individually stand with the people of Pulaski, Faulkner and White Counties. First of all, they need your prayers for strength in this time of loss and upheaval. They also need all of us to put hands and feet with our prayers by contributing our time, money and other resources to the recovery efforts. Several local charities are organizing relief efforts. It’s time for the people of HD20 to step up and do our part to repay some of the love that has been extended to us when we’ve been faced with disasters.
If I can be of assistance to you please contact me at 479-234-2092 via call or text. You can also reach me via email at
Let’s once again show the world that the people of Arkansas are the most selfless people on earth!

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