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Mena Bearcat Clint Buck followed up his cross-country win at Acorn by taking first place at the Mansfield Invitational Cross-Country Meet Saturday, September 24th. Buck ran a 17:58.31 to take first place, while Robert McIntyre of Mena took eighth with a 19:56.03.

Kenny Denley of Acorn placed 10th with a 20:28.44. Joe Looney of Mena came in 12th with a 20:44.50. Nathan Chaney of Acorn came in 14th with a 21:08.41, while William Shaner of Mena finished 19th with a 21:32.44. Fredrick Gudim of Mena placed 35th with a 23:57/06, while Dennis Kirsch of Mena came in 36th with a 24:01.22. Gary Boehler of Mena finished 40th with a 25:11.78, while Quan Ha of Acorn came in 47th with a 27:06.34 and Mason Stout placed 53rd with a 29:34.59.

Waldron High School won the team competition. Mena High School came in second, followed by Alma High School and Fort Smith Southside High School. High Schools that competed at the Mansfield Invitational Meet included: Acorn, Alma, Cedarville, Charleston, Ft. Smith Southside, Heavener, Lavaca, Magazine, Mansfield, Mena, Ozark, Scranton and Waldron.

In the Senior Girls Division, Barbara Johnson of Heavener High School won the senior girls division with a 20:58.27, while Faith Hill of Acorn came in second with a 22:06.57.

Morgan Fagan of Acorn finished fourth with a 22:19.51, while Kendra Branson of Acorn came in seventh with a 23:00.10. Evelyn Smith of Mena placed 14th with a 24:36.16, while Brittany Wilhite came in 15th with a 25:20.40. Abbie Smith of Mena finished 18th with a 26:27.91, while Breanna Sanders of Mena came in 22nd with a 27:01.82. Josey Webb of Acorn placed 28th with a 28:20.75, while Mackenzie Goss finished 29th with a 29:09.91 and Harley Dearing of Acorn came in 32nd with a 29:59.81.

Acorn High School won the team competition followed by Ozark High School in second place.

In the Junior Boys Division, Tyle Lemley of Van Buren Junior High won the junior boys division with a 10:24.8. Logan Myers of Mena came in eighth with a 11:04.5, while Jordan Ward of Acorn finished 15th with a 11:19.5. Matthew Chaney of Acorn placed 18th with a 11:29.5, while Brady Lyle came in 19th with a 11:30.1. Chad Sutton of Acorn finished in 26th place with a 12:20.4, while Adam Hughes came in 30th with a 12:27.0. Thaddaeus Nance of Mena placed 41st with a 12:48.0, while Brady Hair of Acorn finished 48th with a 12:54.2. Justice Neufield of Acorn came in 50th with a 12:55.4, while Curtis Short of Acorn placed 53rd with a 12:59.5. Tyler Lyle of Acorn took 60th place with a 13:15.2, while TJ Bissell of Acorn finished 68th with a 13:30.9. Damian Bohlman of Acorn came in 70th with a 13:32.2, while Aspen Wood of Acorn placed 82nd with a 14:08.3. Curtis Curry of Mena finished 85th with a 14:11.7, while Jacob Moore of Acorn came in 86th with a 14:14.0 and Caleb Bowers of Acorn placed 88th with a 14:15.9.

Van Buren Junior High won the overall boys team competition, while West Fork Middle School came in second and Acorn High School took third. Ramsy Junior High finished in fourth place, followed by Waldron High School in fifth, Chaffin Junior High took sixth and Kimmons Junior High finished in seventh place. Greenwood High School came in eighth and Alama High School.

In the Junior Girls Division, Jayden Thompson of Van Buren Junior High won the junior girls division with a 11:42.2, while Sophie Jackson of Acorn place 17th with a 14:06.3.

Alyssa Warren of Acorn came in 21st with a 14:22.5, while Ashylnn Bissell of Acorn finished 22nd with a 14:24.4. Lexi Powell of Acorn came in 26th with a 14:35.3, while Reaghan Meddle of Acorn took 35th place with a 15:07.50. Alli Strothers  of Acorn finished in 39th place with a 15:18.62, while Kiersten Larucci of Acorn place 50th with a 15:48.38. Emily Blair of Acorn came in 51st place with a 15:50.12, while Makenna Goss of Acorn finished 52nd with a 15:50.75.

Amelia Still of Acorn placed 57th with a 16:00.21, while Abi Marks of Acorn finished in 65th place with a 16:33.88. Autumn Hill of Mena came in 75th with a 17:07.1, while Harlee Rodgers of Acorn placed 79th with a 17:15.72. Sarah Wallace of Acorn finished in 81st place with a 17:28.94, while Abby Nance of Acorn came in 82nd with a 17:31.59 and Autumn Strother of Acorn placed 83rd with a 17:32.84.

Greenwood High School won the girls overall team competetion, followed by Van Buren Junior High in second place. Acorn High School took third place while Waldron High School came in fourth. Chaffin Junior High finished in fifth place, while Magazine High School came in sixth. Mansfield High School took seventh and Ramsey Junior High came in eighth place.

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