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Bearcats Host ‘Man Camp’


Coach Tim Harper and the Bearcat football recently hosted a ‘Man Camp’, a football camp for other teams to come and participate. The Man Camp is a day-and-a-half football camp that was attended by schools from around the state. Mansfield, Mineral Springs, and Riverview high school attended the camp at Bearcat Stadium.

On Wednesday evening the teams participated in several competitions, including individual competitions and contests between position groups from each school. While at the camp, each school had the opportunity to work through drills and fine tune their offenses and defenses. Essentially, the camp provided a place for teams to come and practice while getting away from their normal routine and allowing their players to compete against other athletes.

Thursday, each team continued to run through drills before scrimmaging against each other. During this time of scrimmaging, one team would run 10 plays on defense while a couple of different schools would run choice offensive plays. After 10 or so plays the teams would rotate, allowing each team to work on their offense and defense. The camp provided a good opportunity for Bearcat players to compete against players from other schools before heading into fall camp where they will be hitting and playing against each other day in and day out.

Look to a future edition of the Pulse for more coverage on the Bearcat football team.

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