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Bell Explains Bills Introduced in Last Session


I’m continuing the process of explaining bills that I introduced in the last general session. The next bill in the series is HB1892 which Gov. Beebe signed into law as Act 1056 of 2013. The bill passed the House 85-0 and passed the Senate 34-0 after a minor amendment.  Act 1056 allows the governmental bonding board to take civil action against a person found to have misappropriated public funds which resulted in a bond claim. This law will assist with the recovery of misused taxpayer funds and I’m proud that it passed with unanimous bi-partisan support.  You can learn more here:

HB1999 was signed as Act 1355 of 2013. This law is an attempt to curb the rapidly expanding number of special license plate styles issued by the state.  Many of the styles are only purchased by a very small number of people and their sale results in a net loss to the state. The bill passed the House 78-6 and passed the Senate 34-0. The bill was amended several times during the legislative process and the final version is not as enforceable as the original bill. I plan to revisit this topic in the 2015 General Session.   The full legislative timeline is at this link:

I sponsored HB2000 to address free speech concerns due to some of the language in Arkansas cyberbullying statute. The bill passed the House 88-0 and passed the Senate 35-0. It is now Act 1492 of 2013. You can see the Act at:

I plan to continue to explain and share the bills I have introduced over the next few weeks. I believe it is important that I report back to the folks I represent.
This week I’ll be assisting with the legislative portion of Arkansas Girl’s State. This is my 4th year to volunteer for this task and I always look forward to working with young folks who are excited about the process of civil government.
Thanks for the opportunity to represent you at the State Capitol. I’ll always do my best to honor your trust.

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