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Bell Selected to Represent Arkansas at Mount Vernon Assembly

For many years it has been my belief that the most important issue facing our nation is out of control deficit spending. Annual deficits have accumulated to the point that Americans are now more that $17 trillion in debt with trillions more in unfunded liabilities. Debt has DOUBLED in the last 5 years. If the “credit card spending spree” isn’t brought to a screeching, tire squalling halt, very soon none of the other issues we debate will matter.

I have long believed that the only way Americans will ever see deficit spending eliminated is through pro-active action by the state legislatures to enact a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. The process for this to take place was laid out by the founders of our nation in Article V of the US Constitution. They included Article V in the Constitution because they understood that Congress could someday stop acting in the interests of the states and their citizens and that it would then be necessary to force the Congress to behave responsibly. The founder’s writings make it clear that this was their intent.

In the 2012 Fiscal Session of the legislature, Sen. Rapert and I introduced SJR1 ( that would have updated the Arkansas application requesting a balanced budget amendment. Both of us were viciously attacked by fringe groups as “enemies of the Constitution” following the introduction of this proposal and it failed to pass.

On Saturday, I’ll be an Arkansas delegate to the Mount Vernon Assembly as state legislators from around the nation meet to discuss and plan an organized attempt to use the constitutional process to restrain this out of control Congress.
I’m proud to have been selected as a delegate to represent our state at this historic meeting. The responsibility is a weighty one and I greatly appreciate your prayers for a successful meeting. I and the other delegates are spending many hours of study and research as we prepare ourselves for the difficult task at hand.

The links below provide a rough description of the meeting’s agenda and the linked podcasts go more in depth into the overall discussion of state led amending of the Constitution.

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