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Big Changes Coming to Mena High School – New Principal

By Richard Hanley

(MENA) – The 2019-2020 school year is expecting some big changes as principal Shane Torix, will be moving to a new position within the school system.   

Mena Public Schools had previously selected a new principal in David Maxwell, who moves here from the Arkadelphia school system, to replace Torix, at the high school in the upcoming school year.   

Torix described this new position as “Head of Public School Security”, in addition to becoming the district Athletic Administrator. He stated “I’ll be above our security team as well as working alongside our school resource officers.”   

Torix, being a reserve officer himself finds his job to be more enjoyable when working alongside figures such as Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer and chief deputy Randy Jewell.   

Torix stated “I take safety very serious and I feel it’s just a different way for me to give back to the school system other than being principal.”   

With the next school year only coming closer with each passing day, Superintendent Benny Weston and the Mena school board decided to hire Maxwell into the principal position via contract on May 27th, though he was set to begin his administrative duties on July 1st.    

Being a former student and graduate from Mena High School in 1985, Maxwell finds himself leading his alma mater nearly 35 years later.    

Maxwell continued his collegiate studies, while attending Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, that lead him to achieve many degrees and certificates.    

Needless to say, Mena schools welcomes Maxwell into what Torix described as a “world class staff for a first class education.”   Torix holds in high hopes that not only the safety precautions but the athletic program continue to grow in to what most would describe as the pride of Mena public schools. Though there is a new route in the safety aspect of the school systems which more involves the reserve officers of the community.    

The school district will continue to impress almost inevitably as the Polk County Sheriff’s Department and the local reserve officers work side by side to insure the safety of any and all students of Polk County.   

As for the athletic program, the search for a head varsity football coach continues as Weston is receiving and communicating on applications regularly. With the careful combing through of any and all applications continues, Torix hopes to ensure a quality athletic program for any and all students.    

Torix stated “I believe that sports are a great way for the students as well as the schools and community to get involved.”    

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