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Body found in freezer, hidden in woods

Kore Bommeli is in custody in Wagoner Oklahoma, suspected of killing her roommate, Talina Galloway, age 53, and hiding the victim in a freezer on rural property in Polk County.

Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer said his deputies responded to a trespassing call June 8, 2020 to a property that was for sale.

“My deputy responded to that call and found one individual and a truck,” Sawyer said. “At that time, the individual said she was at the property because it was for sale and she was interested in purchasing it. There was no reason to detain her, but the tags on the truck were run and nothing came back.”

Due to a lack of information being available, there was no way for Polk County to know Bommeli or the truck were associated with a missing person case from Wagoner.

“The freezer was not found at that time.” Sawyer explained. “When it was found in January, it was 100 yards into the woods, and very unlikely she would have been able to move the freezer by herself.”

Sawyer said he has since learned Bommeli attempted to purchase the property and was in Polk County on occasion, but this information was not available to his office before the body was discovered.

Galloway was reported missing April 17, 2020 by Bommeli in Wagoner County. 

The two lived in a lake community area of Wagoner County located on the west side of Fort Gibson Lake.

Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said,” Galloway did not have any immediate family members in the Wagoner County area, so naturally we believed her roommate would be the best source of information …Kore Bommeli was merely a witness and the person reporting. ..

“…investigators soon realized [she]exhibited suspicious behavior, gave inconsistent statements, and later was proven to be deceptive in her reporting of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance.. and Bommeli became a person of interest.

The Wagoner County Sheriff said in a press release that, “On June 8, 2020, a witness in the area of Polk County Arkansas observed a pickup towing a small, enclosed trailer. … The witness was suspicious of the activity and walked into the area where the witness believed the truck had traveled to. The witness located the truck and trailer and observed that at that time, there was nobody around the vehicle. The witness documented the tag number on the vehicle, and noted that there was foul odor coming from the trailer, and that there was a foul-smelling thick liquid pooled in the floor of the trailer.”

On Thursday, Jan.14, 2021, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a report of a freezer being found in a wooded area north of Acorn. Upon arrival, deputies opened the freezer and discovered human remains.

“Based on evidence at the scene and witness statements, it was determined that the remains had been there for several months,” Sawyer said. “Further investigation determined that the remains were possibly connected to a missing persons case in Wagoner, Oklahoma.”

The Arkansas State Police assisted the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in processing the scene and recovering the body. Investigators from the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office were contacted and also came to the scene.

The body was transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for positive identification and an autopsy. 

The victim was identified as Galloway, whose disappearance was featured in Dateline’s “Missing in America” on May 25, 2020.

 In June of 2020, Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot named Kore Bommeli, Galloway’s roommate, as a person of interest in Galloway’s disappearance. At the time of Sheriff Elliot’s press conference, Bommeli was in custody on several charges including: felon in possession of a firearm, destruction of evidence, obstruction, fraud, and larceny. 

On Thursday, January 21, 2021, warrants for 1st Degree Murder and Abuse of a Corpse were issued for Kore Bommeli by the Wagoner County Prosecuting Attorney, Jack Thorp. 

Wagoner County investigators began searching for Bommeli who had bonded out on previous charges. Bommeli was believed to be in the area of Dane County, Wisconsin. Dane County Sheriff’s located Kore Bommeli and she was arrested without incident.

Bommeli faces charges of Murder in the 1st Degree and Desecration of a Human Corpse. 

“The Wagoner Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office has been working very hard on this case since last summer. They’ve done a great job and I am very happy that we could help them close out this tragic case and bring those responsible to justice,” Sawyer said.

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