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BREAKING NEWS: Authorities Discover Second Body


A second body has been found within a week by Polk County authorities. On Thursday afternoon, Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer confirmed that another crime scene is being worked just south of Hatfield. Family members of the alleged second victim have confirmed to Pulse Multi-Media that it is the uncle of Bethany Jo (Scarbrough) Wester. The family said authorities found the body as they went to his home to inform him of Wester’s death. Although authorities have not officially released the identity, Sawyer expects to issue a statement on Friday.

The first body was found on Tuesday and on Thursday, authorities confirmed the identity as 43-year old Bethany Jo (Scarbrough) Wester, of Mena, whose children remain on the missing/endangered list.

The body was discovered after the Sheriff’s Department received a call of a “suspicious object” in a creek southeast of Cove.

The cause of death for Wester is not being released at this time as Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer stated that this is an active “homicide investigation.”

In what Sheriff Scott Sawyer described as a “rapidly developing” case, additional crime scenes have continued to be identified throughout the week.

On Wednesday, a search was conducted at 1110 7th Street in Mena. Wester is listed as one of the owners of that property. Authorities cannot confirm what evidence, if any, was collected at that scene.

On Wednesday night, a Morgan Nick Alert was issued for Wester’s two children, Reilly James Scarbrough, age 10, and his sister Acelynn Carrie Wester, age 2. Both children were last seen around April 21st to 22nd.

On Thursday morning, the Polk County Sheriff’s Department collected a search team of approximately 35 members to conduct a search near Cove for the children.

Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer and his team have worked around the clock since finding Wester’s body on Tuesday and vow to continue their investigation until the children are found and justice is served.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Reilly or Acelynn, please contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 479-394-2511.

A benefit account has been established at the Union Bank of Mena for the Scarbrough family to assist with multiple funeral expenses.

Pulse Multi-Media will continue to follow this developing story and keep the public informed at and on KENA 104.1FM.

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