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Brown Center for Rehabilitation named in honor of physical therapy advocate

The recently opened Green House Cottages of Homewood has named its rehabilitation center after Dr. David Brown. The Brown Center for Rehabilitation honors Brown’s services as the medical director for many years. 

“His years of service to Polk County at the nursing home have not gone unnoticed. There many, many years on call – day and night,” said Vicki Hughes, director of the cottages.

Brown began at Rich Mountain Nursing Home approximately 25 years ago.

“When Dr Austin retired , I took over the  duties at Rich Mountain Nursing Home,” Brown said. “At the same time I took over Mena Manor.”

Brown’s dedication to the health and well being of elderly patients has improved the lives and outcomes of many patients.

“People have to have a special niche to work with older people, the same goes for pediatricians or other areas. This area is my preference. I enjoy that group.” 

Brown said he wanted to be a doctor since he  was a child.

“I enjoyed helping people,” he said.

After becoming a respiratory therapist, Brown decided in 1984 to attended medical school in the Dominican Republic.

“It was different – the fact that it was a third world country, you have to be willing to adapt.”

Brown’s residency occurred through the Area Health and Education Center out of Little Rock. 

Through the changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry, Brown said he has weathered the storm.

“There will always be complaints and changes,” he said. “You simply have to handle it. There is no if, ands, or buts. You make the changes and comply despite the challenges.” 

Brown said he is honored to have the rehabilitation center named for his work.

“I order a lot of therapy and think that residents should receive the most appropriate care  and therapies they can handle. I’m a propionate and advocate of physical therapy. 

“I hope the community knows and remembers that  someone cared about their loved ones and tried to provide the most appropriate care.”

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