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City Announces Annual Spring Clean-Up Dates

The City of Mena Annual Spring Clean-Up is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26, 2016 through Monday, May 2, 2016.  City trucks will pick up items you want to dispose of at no charge. This clean-up service is free for residences within the city limits of Mena only. There are certain regulations that must be followed in order for the pick-up to run smoothly and materials will not be picked up unless they are placed at the curbside and separated.

The City warns that it is very important to keep separate any items that you want to keep, such as trashcans, and place them away from the items to be discarded.

The following items cannot be picked up by the city: tires, concrete, brick, rocks, dirt, shingles, batteries, and construction debris.

The city asks that you separate your items to be discarded into 5 distinct piles: 1. Furniture–couches, chairs, televisions, window frames, etc.; 2. Household trash–paper items, etc. (place trashcans that you wish to keep to one side so that they will not be disposed of inadvertently); 3. Metal materials–hot water heaters, stoves, appliances, etc.; 4. Yard waste–tree limbs, shrubs, grass, etc. 5. Yard debris–it is required that all yard debris such as small limbs, gum balls, and leaves be placed in garbage bags.

The Mena Street Department will begin pick up in the Northwest part of the city and work their way across town following the same routes as Southern Disposal.  Trucks will run one to three days after the day of your normal trash pick-up.  The response to this Clean-Up is usually overwhelming, so the city asks for patience if the trucks are running somewhat behind the posted schedule; however, each route will only be covered one time. It is not necessary to call City Hall in order to receive this service.


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